The Lost Ways 2

The Lost Ways 2: The Best Survivalist Guide

Even More Survival Skills that We’ve Lost to History and We’ll Need in the Next Crisis

The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page guidebook authored by Claude Davis. It is a continuation of the Lost Ways handbook, which outlined many survival skills used by our forefathers to overcome wars, social unrest, and lack of technology. In this second version, Claude Davis gets more specific with detailed tips and skills that could save your entire family from starving to death in case of a natural disaster.

Claude Davis here - father, husband, survivalist, old-west expert and author of The Lost Ways. I've always been passionate by what I think was a better, far more self-sufficient country filled with rugged individuals who knew how to survive anything life threw at them.

I'm talking about the men and women who built America from the ground up.

In the Lost Ways I've managed to save many of their forgotten skills. That book has already helped more than 250.000 Americans just like you prepare for the next crisis.For starters, this program is designed for people of all walks of life. So, whether you’re in your old age struggling with arthritis or you’re a DIY enthusiast who would like to stay prepared at all times, this guide would make a lot of sense to you. Most importantly, the advice contained in this program is one worth passing down from generation to generation.

The Lost Ways 2: The Best Survivalist Guide